Pro Publica: The Best Reporting on PTSD in Children Exposed to Violence
Date:  09-30-2014

"What happens to children who have to step over dead bodies on their way to school?"
The question above was the opening sentence of an article written in the Los Angeles Times 25 years ago. Then as now, violence has shattered the lives of far too many young people.

Since that article was written research has discovered that children who witness violence in their neighborhood, and in their family, are often the victims of post traumatic stress disorder, and as such their innocence is snatched from them forever. Children that are afraid to walk to school because they fear they might be the collateral consequence of a drive-by shooting can’t be expected to focus on their studies. Young people who have had a close relative murdered often act out as the horror of the incident plays over and over in their minds. And some young who witness violence are misdiagnosed with ADHD, and left untreated for PTSD.

Pro Publica has compiled a list of the best reporting on children who suffer from PTSD after being exposed to violence. This is a must-read for anyone working with juveniles, or trying to help adults rebuild their lives.

To read The Best Reporting on PTSD in Children Exposed to Violence click here.