Reclaiming Futures Receives $2 Million Grant
Date:  09-29-2014

Collaborative juvenile justice systems urged to submit proposals to Reclaiming Futures National Office in near future
The following announcement was released by Reclaiming Futures:

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Awards Reclaiming Futures $2 Million Grant to Expand Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment for At Risk Youth Reclaiming Futures will be adding two new sites this year to implement the Reclaiming Futures model while also piloting an intervention approach called Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT). SBIRT seeks to help youth who show mild to moderate levels of substance use—a population that doesn’t often qualify for or seek treatment, but who are at high risk for developing worse substance abuse problems down the road. Additionally, the Reclaiming Futures national program office (NPO) will seek proposals from three existing sites to add an SBIRT component to their existing Reclaiming Futures implementation.

SBIRT was originally developed for an adult population, but has shown promising results with adolescents. The Reclaiming Futures NPO has recently been awarded a $2 million grant by the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation that will allow it to pioneer an adaptation of the SBIRT intervention for adolescents who are at risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system, where a high percentage of youth are known to show signs of problematic and untreated substance abuse. This SBIRT adaptation will provide practitioners a method to segue immediately from a screening to an intervention customized to a young person’s substance abuse within a single appointment. A teen-friendly intervention of one to five sessions will be designed in a way that will allow for tailoring to a juvenile justice setting and can be administered flexibly depending on the severity of the youth’s substance use. It will provide greater specificity in the way young people are served with treatment that fits the level of the problem, and that’s accessible and useful to youth who may not need a more intensive intervention.

In early October, the Reclaiming Futures NPO will release a call for proposals with additional details. Proposals will be due November 7th. All collaborative juvenile justice systems are encouraged to apply. To receive a call for proposals click here to sign up.