Call for Information: Formerly Incarcerated Mothers Invited to Speak on Their Experiences
Date:  09-10-2014

Does being incarcerated automatically diminish a woman as a mother in the eyes of the law?
Organizations and agencies are invited to share this request for information with formerly incarcerated mothers. Reentry Central would like to thank Vikki Law for bringing this request to our attention. Hopefully this dissertation will provide a clearer understanding to judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, corrections, policy makers, reentry specialists and others about how formerly incarcerated mothers coped with mothering, and the arbitrarily attached label of “bad mother” attached to them because they were convicted of a crime.

Grace Gámez, who is requesting the opportunity to speak to formerly incarcerated mothers, explains her dissertation and its purpose:

“I am interviewing mothers who are formerly incarcerated or convicted about how they navigate and negotiate their roles as mothers. The purpose of the project is to explore how these mothers describe their experiences and investigate how their particular enactment of mothering helps them resist restrictive definitions of "good" mothers and what constitutes healthy families.

I am recruiting individuals to discuss this part of their lives and identity to explore the ways in which good and bad motherhood has been and is constructed by the law. We will also discuss the ways in which having a felony background disenfranchises these women as mothers and places them outside the boundaries of what constitutes "ideal" mothers.

For folks outside of Arizona I have been conducting interviews over the phone or via Skype. The interviews are talking about an hour and a half to two hours. If you are willing to participate or know other folks who you think would be down will you let me know? Also I am happy to share the questions if you want to see them.”

Grace A Gámez, M.S.

PhD Candidate, Justice Studies

Teaching Associate

Justice and Social Inquiry School of Social Transformation

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ 85287-4902


Phone: 520-310-5785