Recommendations to Prevent Wrongful Convictions
Date:  08-22-2014

Police as “gatekeepers” to criminal justice system can study past wrongful convictions to learn from, and not repeat, mistakes
Law enforcement leaders are at the front end of our criminal justice system and therefore critical players in the mission to achieve justice. Our latest paper from the Harvard Executive Session’s New Perspectives in Policing series is a dispassionate, thoughtful examination of the systemic causes of wrongful convictions that offers specific, evidence-based recommendations for reducing their likelihood.

The authors suggest protocols based on research for improved eyewitness identification, interrogation, use of informants, evidence storage and preservation. The protocols have been shown to enhance police investigations and help investigators test their initial assumptions about a suspect.

Policing and Wrongful Convictions by Anthony Batts, Maddy deLone, and Darrel Stephens.