Dow Chemical Company Foundation Awards Michigan Reentry Organization $15,000
Date:  08-13-2014

Midland Community Former Offenders Advocacy and Rehabilitation created when state-run program lost funds
The Midland (Michigan) Daily News reports that in July the Dow Chemical Company Foundation awarded the Midland Community Former Offenders Advocacy and Rehabilitation (MCFOAR) $15,000 in funds.

The money came at a crucial time as MCFOAR program director Rob Worley scrambled to find funds to keep the program open. Worsley has even set up a Gofundme account posting, “Midland Community Former Offenders Advocacy and Rehabilitation is a one stop case management service that assists former offenders who reside in the Midland, MI community with transitional needs. MCFOAR provides basic life needs, transportation, workforce development, essential documents, and other roadblocks that impede their development and opportunities to become productive citizens of our community. Referrals for Medical and Mental Health, substance abuse and anger management. Any financial support is greatly appreciated and will be used exclusively to enhance MCFOAR's Vision and Mission.”

The Midland Daily News describes Worsley as a former deputy in the Midland sheriff’s office and as a jail manager. Worsley later worked for Michigan’s state-run reentry program until it ended after funds ran out. Worsely then created MCFOAR to help re-entrants stay out of jail.

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