Foundations to Give Two Hundred Million Dollars to Help Reduce High Rates of Racial Disparity and Incarceration among Boys and Young Men of Color
Date:  08-01-2014

Eleven foundations join together to help the goals of My Brother’s Keeper become a reality
Foundations Pledge Nearly $200M to help Boys, Young Men of Color

By: GARY GATELY | July 28, 2014 Juvenile Justice Information Exchange

Eleven major foundations have pledged to spend a total of nearly $200 million for efforts to help boys and young men of color succeed, in concert with President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

The foundations said in a 12-page executive summary to a still-unreleased report that the funds are to spent over the next three years – what they hope will be the “first steps in what will be longstanding commitments from these and other funders.”

Not all 11 foundations are helping fund all the efforts. The biggest chunk of the funds, more than $81 million, is to go toward “comprehensive reforms needed to dramatically reduce racial and ethnic disparities in, and the overall use of, confinement for boys and young men,” the executive summary said.

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