Will Drones Be Coming to a Prison Near You?
Date:  07-25-2014

Maybe, if you live in Ohio
On July 17, 2014 Jeremy Pelzer wrote an article in Cleveland.com that announced that Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) officials are experimenting with the idea of using drones to help monitor inmates, and to help stem the flow of contraband that finds its way into prison when people on the outside toss forbidden items over prison fences.

According to Pelzer the ODRC is asking the public to voice their opinion on the use of drones in the state’s prisons. One of the top questions for consideration is how much the drone program would cost. Another question is whether correctional officers’ jobs would be lost if the drone program is implemented. Pelzer reports that Ed Voorhies, ODRC’s managing director of operations, stated that the cost of the program has not been established as of yet. The union that represents Ohio’s correctional officers will want assurance that members will keep their jobs if the drone program is initiated. Cleveland.com reports Voorhies as stating, “...no prison jobs would be at risk.”

With so many advances in technology it was only a matter of time before corrections considered adding drones as another security option. The ODRC may be the first to test whether drones are an effective security tool in prisons.

Read the Cleveland.com article here.