Jane Doe Update: Transgender Teen Moved to Juvenile “Training School” for Boys
Date:  07-16-2014

Connecticut claims Children’s Psychiatric Center “not suitable” for troubled teen after she allegedly assaulted others
Reentry Central has been following the story of “Jane Doe,” a transgender self-identifying girl, who was originally sent to a boy’s detention facility, and then to an adult female prison, even though she was never charged with a crime. The national outrage that followed found Connecticut officials scrambling to find a suitable place for Jane Doe to reside while she received the mental health treatment she desperately needed. Eventually she was moved to the Albert J. Solnit Children’s Psychiatric Center in Middletown Connecticut, which is run by Connecticut’s Department of Children and Family Services, under whose care Jane Doe has been placed since she was six. (See Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times op-ed for a recap of events surrounding Jane Doe.)

Now Jane Doe has been moved yet again. This time she was sent to the oddly named “Juvenile Training School” for boys, in Middletown, CT, where she is being held in solitary confinement. As the New Haven Register reports, this latest move is not without controversy.