You’ve Seen Him on Hoarders, Find Out Why Clutter Cleaner Founder is Doing His Part to Reduce Recidivism
Date:  07-03-2014

Giving second chances comes naturally to Matt Paxton
As evidenced with the popularity of the A & E television show Hoarders, Americans have a fascination with people who can’t seem to part with anything. When the health department, family members and others concerned individuals or agencies force hoarders to get rid of their piles of clothes, newspapers and just about every other conceivable object the task of removing tons of material is a major undertaking.

Clutter Cleaner was started by Matt Paxton as a desperate way to help pay off $60,000 worth of his own debt. According to Yahoo Finance what started out as a job cleaning out his grandmother’s basement ended up as a multi-million dollar business that expanded to 48 states. He has been featured on 60 episodes of Hoarders, according to Yahoo Finance. As his business grew Paxton began hiring workers. Disappointed by the lack of work ethic in the college students he hired, Paxton sought out those who were down on their luck, much like he was when he started his business. Hiring workers who needed a second chance was the logical next step for Paxton who recalled his own struggle to get a second chance in life. Yahoo Finance writes:

A guy coming out of prison has something to prove, and he has nowhere else to turn. I hired a guy named Ronnie and we gave him a week", Paxton recalls. "And by far he turned out to be our best employee.” Since then, Paxton has hired dozens of former felons who were just getting back on their feet.”

Watch the video of Paxton’s story and read the Yahoo Finance article here.