How to Use Cost-Benefit Analysis to Estimate and Value Impact of Your Criminal Justice Program
Date:  06-26-2014

CBA allows programs and policymakers to distinguish if a program is successful
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) released a new report that allows drug courts and other criminal justice programs to determine if their drug court or program measures up to its goals.

The NIJ writes:

Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) can help practitioners and policymakers make choices about how to use limited resources. CBA is used to evaluate the impacts a service or program has on society, whether positive or negative. The results of CBA are estimated societal benefits. While these might not correlate with estimated fiscal benefits, they can allow policymakers to compare two programs to decide which has the better impact on society. Learn how you can use CBA to estimate and value the impact of your drug court or other criminal justice program with our latest Research in Brief.