New Paper Explains How States Can Cut Incarceration Rates Without Compromising Public Safety
Date:  06-10-2014

States encouraged to review “truth-in-sentencing” laws and abolish mandatory minimum sentences
The National Institution of Corrections announced the publication of a new paper from The Hamilton Project which offers ways to cut incarceration rates without compromising public safety. The paper calls on states to rethink policies and change sentencing practices.

In describing the report the authors of A New Approach to Reducing Incarceration While Maintaining Low Rates of Crime stated:

“We propose that states introduce a greater degree of discretion into their sentencing and parole practices through two specific reforms: (1) a reduction in the scope and severity of truth-in-sentencing laws that mandate that inmates serve minimum proportions of their sentences, and (2) a reworking and, in many instances, abandonment of mandatory minimum sentences. We also propose that states create incentives for localities to limit their use of state prison systems."