Transgender Teen to Be Removed From Connecticut Adult Prison
Date:  06-06-2014

Incarceration of teen who was not charged with a crime sparked outrage across the nation
The CT Mirror reports that a transgender teen will be released from an adult prison for women in Niantic, Connecticut and “tentatively placed” in a private Massachusetts residential treatment center with staff that is knowledgeable about the needs of transgender teens. The teen, “Jane Doe,” was born male but identifies as female. Court documents reveal that “Jane Doe” has been the victim of horrific sexual abuse. It is hoped that she will start getting the treatment she needs to help her recover at the new facility.

Reentry Central has been following this story for almost two months as state officials and juvenile justice reform advocates from across the country have weighed in on what the best course of action would be for “Jane Doe,” (see Reentry Central 4-10-14 Unsentenced Transgendered Juvenile Sent To Connecticut Adult Correctional Facility, 4-16-14 (Update) Transgender Juvenile in Adult Prison Tells of Her Horrific Life in Court Document, 5-12-14 Update: Connecticut Governor Calls for Removal of Transgender Juvenile from Adult Prison).

Read the latest update from the CT Mirror.