Gruesome Deaths of Mentally Ill Inmates and Infant Born in Solitary Confinement Cause Grave Concern
Date:  05-28-2014

Lack of attention by corrections staff produces fatal outcome for four
Advocates for criminal justice reform and more humane treatment of inmates, especially the mentally ill, are reeling over the revelations of three ghastly deaths of prisoners, and one baby.

Three months ago Jerome Murdough, an inmate at New York City’s Riker’s Island jail, was ‘baked to death” when his cell in a unit for mentally ill inmates was subjected to 101 degrees over a period of time. A faulty heating system was blamed.

On May 22, 2014, the Huffington Post reported that in September 2013, another mentally ill inmate was found dead in his cell seven days after he was also placed in the mental health unit. The Huffington Post reveals that Bradley Ballard was found naked and dead, covered in human waste. His death was caused by sepsis which occurred after he tightly wound an elastic band around his genitals, which became infected. Both Murdogh and Ballard were supposedly under the watchful eye of corrections staff. Read more.

In another horrifying case, the Miami Herald reported that Darren Rainey, a mentally ill prisoner at Florida’s Dade Correctional Institution, ,was thrown into a scalding shower as punishment and despite begging for his life was ignored until he was burned so badly that his skin was pulling away from his body. But, the Herald reports more disturbing news. Two years after Rainey’s death an autopsy has not been performed, and no one has been charged in his death. .

One inmate was not mentally ill. Nicole Guerrero was eight and one-half months pregnant when she went into labor in a Wichita County, Texas jail. In a document filed in federal court on May 21, 2014, Guerrero claims that in June2012 she was in solitary confinement and was ignored when she went into labor. Lack of medical care resulted in the death of her newborn infant daughter. Guerrero’s nightmarish ordeal is detailed by The Independent Mail.