Crossfire Hosts “Outraged” at Broken Corrections System
Date:  05-26-2014

Vera Institute and New York Times also want America to rethink its criminal justice policies
This past week several news articles have heavily criticized America’s criminal justice system. The New York Times rails against the “historically unprecedented” growth of the U.S. prison population and hopes that our government will finally put an end to mass incarceration.

The Vera Institute, using Germany and the Netherlands as models, claims that treating inmates with dignity can reduce crime and the lower the recidivism rate.

But perhaps the most scathing article came from two people who are usually at odds with one another. Newt Gingrich is not known for holding back his views. Van Jones certainly offers his own counter-punch to Gingrich’s proclamations. But both of CNN’s Crossfire co-hosts agree that America’s criminal justice system needs a complete overhaul. On May 22 Gingrich and Jones professed their outrage in a CNN Opinion article that stated:

“When a typical bureaucracy does its job this badly, it wastes money, time and paper. The corrections bureaucracy, in failing to correct the large majority of inmates in its charge, not only wastes money but also wastes lives, families and entire cities.

The current system is broken beyond repair. It's a human, social and financial disaster. We need a radical strategy of replacement of these huge bureaucracies that lack any meaningful oversight.”

Read what Gingrich and Jones think is wrong with corrections and their call for innovative solutions to repair a "broken system.”