Racial Disparity of Incarcerated Juveniles: Your State’s Rating?
Date:  05-23-2014

Interactive map allows state-by-state comparison
The W. Haywood Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice Fairness and Equality is dedicated to erasing racial and ethnic disparity. The Burns Institute asserts:

“We know that our current juvenile justice system is not equitable, excellent, or used sparingly and appropriately. More than 61,000 youth were incarcerated on any given night in 2011, most (75 percent) for non-violent offenses. The majority (65 percent) were youth of color.

Nationwide, youth of color are significantly more likely to be incarcerated than White youth. In 2011:

• Black youth were 4.6 times as likely;

• Native American youth were 3.2 times as likely; and

•Latino youth were 1.8 times as likely.”

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In an effort to expose the widespread practice of racial disparity among incarcerated juveniles in America, the Burns Institute created an interactive map that allows one to view the detention rate of youths of color from 1997 – 2011 and allows comparison between each state.

Click here to access the map.

Source: The Sentencing Project