Breaking News: Explosion Rocks Florida Jail Killing Two
Date:  05-01-2014

Up to 150 inmates and corrections staff injured
A suspected gas explosion leveled the holding area of Pensacola Florida’s Escambia County Jail on April 30 around 11 p.m. Central Time. NBC News reports that at least two inmates have been confirmed dead and up to 150 inmates and corrections staff have been reported injured Most of the injuries are said to be non life-threatening

Inmates and staff were rushed to several area hospitals for treatment. Those inmates that were released from the hospital, as well as inmates who were not injured in the blast, were sent to other nearby jails. The Escambia County Jail held 600 inmates prior to the explosion. There have been no reports of escaped inmates.

The holding area of the jail was completely destroyed, and the rest of the building is said to be unstable. NBC reports that the jail was subjected to severe flooding earlier in the day and investigators are looking into a link between the floods and the explosion.