After 17 Years in Prison Man Ordered to Be Set Free Due to Police Corruption
Date:  04-25-2014

Judge rules police manufactured evidence
Tulsa World reports that Jeffrey Williams was granted immediate release from federal prison after U.S. District Judge James Payne dismissed the indictments in Williams’ methamphetamine manufacturing case, and also vacated the judgment and sentence against him. Williams was convicted in 1997 and had been locked up until he was ordered by the Court to be freed.

The dismissal comes after several police officers in Williams’ case, along with a federal agent, were found to have manufactured evidence against him and performed an unconstitutional search and seizure raid. The scandal that rocked the Tulsa police department led to the conviction and prison time for the officers involved. Tulsa World writes that Williams is one of 49 prisoners that were either released or received sentence modifications because due to police corruption.

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