South Dakota Seeks Wide Spread Criminal Justice Reform, Not Just Prison Reform
Date:  04-23-2014

Parolees rewarded with shorter parole time for everyday of good behavior
The Argus Leader reports that South Dakota is undergoing major policy changes in its criminal justice system. According to the newspaper South Dakota’s Corrections Department Deputy Secretary Laurie Feiler, laid out a list of new policies and pilot programs designed to reduce recidivism and cut costs associated with incarceration.

Among the changes to the state’s criminal justice system is the implementation of an award system that allows certain parolees to cut one day off of their parole for every day that they exhibit good behavior. According to the Argus Leader, pilot programs were created to save the state money. New programs include allowing members of the Sisseton-Wahpeton tribe t o return home while on parole and sending low-risk offenders to community homes.

Also, Corrections staff will given instructions in ethics and evidence-based programs to improve efficiency.

Read more reform measures South Dakota has undertaken to increase criminal justice reform in the Argus Leader.