Does the ACA Apply to Violent Sex Offenders Held Under A Civil Commitment?
Date:  04-17-2014

State could save millions of dollars if ACA picks up treatment costs
The state of Washington, like other states across the country, is attempting to shave its budget. Inmate health care has continuously taken a huge chunk of taxpayers’ dollars. With the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA), states have been able to cut out some of the costs associated with inmate hospitalization. But Washington state is pressing to see if the ACA can be used to pay for treatment of those no longer under the care of the Department of Corrections but, after their sentences have ended, have been given a civil commitment for mandated treatment for being a violent sexual predator. Washington’s News Tribune writes:

The state’s prison system already anticipates saving more than $1 million this year on inmates’ medical bills because of the federal Affordable Care Act. Now, state lawmakers want to see if Washington’s home for violent sex offenders can find similar ways to benefit from the federal health care reform law. This year’s supplemental state budget contains a provision requiring the state Department of Social and Health Services to explore ways to cut health care costs for residents of the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island.

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Source: Stateline Daily