(Update) Transgender Juvenile in Adult Prison Tells of Her Horrific Life in Court Document
Date:  04-16-2014

Asking for mental health treatment, not prison, teen make plea to Court
On April 10, 2014 Reentry Central posted an article about a transgender juvenile from Connecticut who was sent to an adult prison, even though she was not charged with a criminal offense. The controversial decision has raised questions as to what is the best solution for teen. Now, the teen, in a letter to the court, documents the horrific abuse she experienced in her short life, and asks that she receive treatment and education, not imprisonment.

The CT Mirror offers more coverage on this on-going battle between the state and advocates for the sixteen-year old caught up once more in decisions she has no control over, but will impact her life forever.

Transgender CT teen writes court of her living conditions in prison


Since being sent to an adult prison eight days ago, 16-year-old Jane Doe has spent 22 to 23 hours a day in a prison cell. Jane – a transgender, self-identifying girl whose name has not been released because she is a minor – has had no contact with anyone her age or been given any educational instruction, according to court documents she filed Monday about her living conditions.

An officer watches her in her cell 24 hours a day.

Jane is not incarcerated for a crime serious enough for her to be charged as an adult. She was sent to live at York Correctional Institution from the state’s juvenile justice system because the Department of Children and Families says it has no appropriate place to treat this “uniquely dangerous” youth. A spokesman said the placement is necessary to avoid endangering other committed youths and DCF staff.

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