Two Short Videos Drive Home What is Wrong with the Criminal Justice System
Date:  04-11-2014

Videos pinpoint how America’s criminal justices system became the world leader in mass incarceration and racial disparity
Sometimes a video will drive home a message much more effectively than the printed word. And sometimes two videos can hammer the message hard. Such is the case with two new videos that look at mass incarceration, and racial disparity within our criminal justice system.

The first animated video was created by the Vlogbrothers, using research the Prison Policy Initiative. In under four minutes the video gives an informative overview of mass incarceration in America. Fast paced, and filled with statistics, “Mass Incarceration in the US" is an effective tool for mobilizing people to push for more intelligent criminal justice polices.

The second animated video is equally informative and perhaps even more disturbing. “What Are the Odds of You Going to Prison?," produced by Brave New Films, tells us that if you are a black male the odds are one in three. Stating that the problem is “complicated,” this video shows us in less than two minutes how racially biased the criminal justice system is.