Poignant, Riveting and Informative Film on Program for Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children to be Broadcast on Television
Date:  03-11-2014

“Wherever you are is where your child is at home”
In keeping with the issues surrounding incarcerated women during Women’s History Month, Reentry Central is pleased to share with you an announcement from the makers of Mothers of Bedford an award winning film about a program for incarcerated mothers and their children at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in New York. The film will be shown on PBS World Channel’s America Reframed.

A plot summary for Mothers of Bedford explains why this film is so important:

“Eighty percent of women in US prisons today are mothers of school-age children. Filmmaker Jenifer McShane spent four years visiting Bedford Hills and following the women and their families. A mother herself, Jenifer was drawn to the universal themes of motherhood and the staggering power of the mother-child relationship. In all walks of life, mother and child care for each other. As we watch the mothers inside Bedford trying to become their better selves, we see parts of our own selves - and that gives us all hope. - Written by Anonymous

To those who might wonder if prison is a correct environment for raising a child, Bobby Blanchard, the Director of the The Children’s Center at Bedford, has this to say: “Wherever you are is where your child is at home.” Those involved with making the film recommend that people join together for a house screening of Mothers of Bedford and in the following press release offer helpful suggestions:

Mothers of Bedford the winner of the 2013 Director's Award at the Social Justice Film Festival, will be broadcast on national television March 18th on PBS World Channel's America Reframed.

The PBS WORLD broadcast provides a terrific opportunity to shed light on the impact of incarceration on children and families. We are encouraging fans of the film to host house screenings (either on the night of the PBS broadcast or DVR & host at a later date). This will allow you to watch the film together and discuss afterwards much like many do at monthly book groups. To help facilitate discussion and promotion of such a gathering, there are Mothers of Bedford flyers, discussion questions, and "what you can do" handouts available for download on the film's website. Click here to go to website.

Feel free to email and /or share on your social media feeds the Mothers of Bedford trailer. Click here to go to website.

Please support Mothers of Bedford and the issues the film reveals by spreading the word to friends, family and colleagues! This is an excellent opportunity to broaden our audience and give a voice to parents and children affected by incarceration. Invite a few friends over and make a meaningful evening of it! Mothers of Bedford will be broadcast nationally on PBS's America ReFramed series MARCH 18th @ 8pm EST. Date and time may vary in different regions around the country. Check the PBS World listings for your area.” Click here to go to website.