Executive Director of Colorado Bureau of Prisons Experiences Solitary Confinement
Date:  02-21-2014

Rick Raemisch sets an example for others to follow
Rick Raemisch, the new Executive Director of the Colorado Bureau of Prisons, is a hands-on administrator. With so much negative publicity surrounding the use of solitary confinement in our nation’s prisons, Raemisch decided to experience for himself just what it is like to be taken to Administrative Segregation or Ad Seg as it is commonly known. Raemisch didn’t have to be placed in Ad Seg. He could have relied on the hundreds of reports written about the detrimental effects solitary confinement has on people. But he chose to do so, and write about his experience to educate others.

Prison reform advocates believe that every person that works in a prison or jail, including directors, wardens, correctional officers, chaplains, and even medical staff, should spend time being locked up, even for a short period of time, so that they might better understand the utter emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical breakdown that occurs when the cell door clangs shut, particularly in solitary confinement. Some prison systems require staff to spend some time inside a cell, but not every prison official is willing to put themselves at the same level as their charges. Raemisch is to be congratulated for taking it upon himself to experience solitary confinement. To read his gripping Opinion Piece in the New York Times click here to go to website.