Two Reports Show How States are Closing Prisons and Implementing Sentencing Reform
Date:  02-10-2014

Tight budgets, along with “smart on crime” initiatives are helping to keep prison populations down
The Sentencing Project has released two new reports that highlight how states are tackling mass incarceration by closing prisons and passing legislation to insure the prison population stays down.

According to the The Sentencing Project:

On the Chopping Block 2013 documents state prison closures and attributes the trend to several factors:
  • A declining prison population in many states

  • State fiscal constraints

  • Sentencing and parole reforms in the areas of drug policy, diversion programs, and reductions in parole revocations to prison

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    The Sentencing Project also comments on another new report, The State of Sentencing 2013, which details the reforms 31 states made in their adult and juvenile justice systems.

  • Expanding alternatives to incarceration for drug offenses

  • Policies to reduce returns to prison for supervision violators

  • Comprehensive juvenile justice measures that emphasize prevention and diversion
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