$15 Million to Be Awarded in School Safety Grants
Date:  02-04-2014

Researched-focused initiatives sought
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) released the following announcement on February 3, 2014.

In response to a congressional request, NIJ intends to seek proposals for a broad, research-focused initiative to increase safety in the nation’s schools. The research questions and methods will be completely open. The research may include, among other things, natural experiments, randomized controlled trials, demonstration field experiments, longitudinal studies, and secondary data analysis. In addition to any technology evaluation that may be proposed as part of an experiment or trial, NIJ will also entertain investigator-initiated proposals to develop new technology to better ensure school safety.

Under the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative, NIJ will make available approximately $15 million dollars for multiple grants that directly address school safety issues. Each research effort funded will contribute to our base of knowledge and evidence- building about school safety.

As suggested in the legislation, the research may look at the “root causes of school violence, develop technologies and strategies for increasing school safety, and provide pilot grants to test innovative approaches to enhance school safety.”

To read the "Comprehensive School Safety Initiative" in H.R. 347, Consolidated Appropriations Act 2014, click here to go to website.