New Film Seeks to Educate Public on Realities of Reentry
Date:  01-27-2014

“Released” is a raw and powerful film that hammers home the struggles of incarceration and reentry
Typically reentry is not a smooth process. A newly released prisoner faces barriers that those who have not been through "the system" can hardly even begin to imagine. A new film, “Released,” explores why some end up in the criminal justice system, and how some survive to become productive citizens. “Released” is a raw and real, in-your-face film that doesn’t sugar-coat the criminal histories of the four individuals whose lives are laid bare on the screen. The film can be a powerful teaching tool for criminal justice students, as well as for legislators and those working in the fields of reentry and criminal justice. The film reveals the common threads that can lead to incarceration: poverty, substance abuse, lack of education and, in some cases, dysfunctional families. “Released” can help the public understand that when given a second chance, people can, and do, change. “Released” is based on the off-Broadway production “The Castle.” The following press release was issued by Winner Pictures.

Brett Guarino

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In his State of the State address last week, Governor Cuomo announced that he would be using $5 million dollars to help 23 prison reentry and rehabilitation programs. Click here to go to website. The governor is working closely with the Council on Community Re-Entry and Reintegration to provide housing, health care and employment opportunities for those who have just been released.

“Released” is also the name of a documentary film about prison recidivism produced by Winner Pictures in New York City. It premiered at Quad Cinema in the East Village, received positive reviews from The New York and The Daily News, and continued an important conversation about the problem of re-entry. Now in the year of 2014, Winner Pictures is using the film to garner the attention and raise the awareness that this serious topic deserves.

Winner Pictures has been reaching out to many organizations, including the Council on Community Re-Entry and Reintegration, The Adirondack Foundation, and The Anti-Recidivism Coalition, and has been working closely with The Fortune Society to get the film seen by as vast an audience as possible. In the coming days they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to begin their next phase of distribution. In addition, they will be working with TUGG ( to further promote the film in Manhattan as well as help fundraise for their campaign.

Recidivism is a problem that doesn't just affect those in jail or prison; it weighs heavily on all of society. A film like 'Released' can play an important role in solving this problem at a time when political action is in motion and people are ready for change. Please spread this story and help make this film become a vehicle to start a change in our country.

For more information about their Kickstarter campaign or how to support their TUGG screening, please visit the links provided.

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