Can New York City Mayor Stop the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Date:  01-08-2014

The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith says yes, and he can stop over-policing and under-educating students, to boot
The Reentry Central news archive contains several articles about the school-to-prison pipeline. On October 12, 2012 Reentry Central posted an article about a Council of State Governments meeting seeking better school disciplinary policies which stated:

The group’s focus was on dismantling the so-called “school-to-prison” pipeline, a term used to describe the process in which school children are criminalized by school disciplinary policies for infractions that would not be considered a crime outside of school. The rush to arrest school children has led to an outcry after studies have shown that children caught up in the criminal justice system usually face barriers to success later in life. Education is often disrupted by suspensions or incarceration.

Although they do not make up the majority of students, most of the children swept up in the pipeline are black.

While most of the articles in Reentry Central focused on Texas and California, the school-to-prison pipeline is a nationwide problem.

The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith writes ways New York City’s newly elected Mayor, Bill de Blasio, can shut down the school-to-prison pipeline in his city, while also eliminating over-policing and under-educating students.

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