Do Offender Registries Help or Hinder Public Safety?
Date:  12-31-2013

Offender registry laws documented in informative article by Elizabeth Pratt
CURE National calls Gangsters to Greyhounds: The Past, Present and Future of Offender Registration written by Elizabeth Platt, “…by far the most extensive article ever written about registries.”

Pratt follows the history of offender registries and expounds on sex offender registries, which were created in response to the public outcry over several rapes and murders of children. The sex offender registries and community notifications of sex offenders living in an area, were supposed to increase public safety, but Platt points to evidence that the laws have not lived up to their intended mission.

Platt also relates how over-zealous legislators are attempting to create offender registries for other, less serious, criminal acts. Gangsters to Greyhounds reveals the collateral consequences of offender registries, a subject not often envisioned by lawmakers.

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