U.S. Inspector General Names Top Management and Performance Challenges Facing Department of Justice in 2013
Date:  12-24-2013

Six areas recognized as “pressing concerns,” including crisis in federal prison system
In a memorandum to U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., and the Deputy U.S. Attorney General, James M. Cole, Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz unveiled the top six management and performance challenges facing the U.S. Department of Justice.

In his memorandum, Horowitz wrote:

This year’s list identifies six challenges that we believe represent the most pressing concerns for the Department. They are Addressing the Growing Crisis in the Federal Prison System; Safeguarding National Security Consistent with Civil Rights and Liberties; Protecting Taxpayer Funds from Mismanagement and Misuse; Enhancing Cybersecurity; Ensuring Effective and Efficient Law Enforcement; and Restoring Confidence in the Integrity, Fairness, and Accountability of the Department. While we do not prioritize the challenges we identify in our annual top management challenges report, we believe that one of the challenges highlighted this year, which we also identified in last year’s report, represents an increasingly critical threat to the Department’s ability to fulfill its mission. That challenge is Addressing the Growing Crisis in the Federal Prison System.

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