The Dannon Project: Successful Reentry Program Built from the Ashes of Grief
Date:  12-16-2013

“Feeding Dreams” is motto of Alabama organization created by family members of murder victim
In 1999 the Dannon Project was created after Dannon Pruitt was murdered by a non-violent person who was recently released from prison. Pruitt was with a friend who was arguing with the friend of another man. The second man’s friend shot his gun into the air, not directly at Pruitt. Unfortunately the bullet hit a building and was projected into Pruitt, killing him. Despite the grief of losing his brother, Jeh Jeh Pruitt, and his wife Kerri, realized that that Dannon’s killer had little going for him after being released from prison, and if he had been given more opportunities and support Dannon might still be alive today. Through that realization The Dannon Project was created. Feeding the dreams of reentrants has become the motto of the Dannon Project.

The Dannon Project website offers examples of the services it provides to newly released individuals, “…obtaining personal identification, coordination of housing, education, GED & job training, employment assistance/short term employment, substance abuse treatment, access to health care and medication, mental health screening counseling and mentors, financial literacy training, job placement assistance, life skills training and work support .” The Dannon Project also offers clothing to its clients. To learn more about the Dannon Project click here to go to website.

On December 13, 2013 the Anniston Star featured an article on the grand opening of the new Dannon Project office located in the Hobson City Town Hall. The article reports that of the 6,000 re-entrants that the Dannon Project has helped over the years, only 100 have landed back in prison, a moving legacy to Dannon Pruitt.

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