Eighteen Los Angeles County Sheriffs Indicted on Civil Rights and Corruption Charges
Date:  12-11-2013

Beatings of inmates and visitors, obstructing justice and numerous other crimes are charged
In an announcement that sent shockwaves across the country, federal prosecutors revealed that eighteen members of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department were indicted for criminal behavior that included:

  • violating the civil rights of visitors to Los Angeles County jails, including the Austrian General Counsel, by beating and detaining them

  • obstructing justice by hiding an incarcerated informant who was cooperating with federal authorities in their civil rights and corruption investigation against the L.A, Sheriff’s Department

  • attempting to have a L.A. Superior Court Judge order that the FBI turn over information about the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department investigation

  • attempting to intimidate an FBI Special Agent into providing information on the investigation

  • possession of an illegal assault weapon by an L.A. County Sheriff

  • conspiracy to make false statements to banks by three L.A. County Sheriffs involved in a “buy-and bail” scheme

    To read the press announcement of the indictments issued by the United States Attorney's Office, Central District of California, please click here to go to website.