Research Shows that "Positive" Experience in Juvenile Justice System Can Reduce Recidivism by Almost 50 Percent
Date:  12-02-2013

“Hearing” what juvenile offenders are saying rather than just “listening” to them can produce astounding results
Reclaiming Futures reports that two research briefs show a link to a juvenile’s experience in the juvenile justice system and whether or not he or she will recidivate.

According to Reclaiming Futures the briefs show “Young people in the juvenile justice system who have an overall positive experience are 49 percent less likely to continue committing crimes, according to arrest and/or return-to-placement reports.”

While some may question if a young person in the juvenile justice system can ever have a “positive” experience, the two briefs, “What Youths Say Matters,” and “Reducing Isolation and Room Confinement,” produced by Performance Based Standards Learning Institute (PbSLi) claim that listening to what the juveniles say and reducing their time in isolation can reduce recidivism by 49 percent.

To read “What Youths Say Matters," click here to go to website.

To read “Reducing Isolation and Room Confinement," click here to go to website.