Oregon County Awarded $700,000 for Reentry Program
Date:  11-06-2013

140 newly released citizens to benefit from reentry services
The following press release was issued by Lane County on October 23, 2013

County Receives Grant For Offender Reentry Program

Contact: Lane County Public Information Officer Anne Marie Levis, 541-915-4659

Lane County has been awarded a grant to help offenders reenter the community without posing a further risk to public safety or committing new crimes.

“We often forget that, after an offender serves time, the individual will reenter the community,” said Lane County Board Chair Sid Leiken. “Reentry services help give these individuals the tools they need to become contributing members of the community without committing crimes in the future. This helps individuals and saves the state and county taxpayers money.”

The $700,000 grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Second Chance Act Adult Reentry Program will pay for reentry services for up to 140 incarcerated offenders released from state penitentiaries. Sponsors, Inc., a nationally recognized reentry service provider with a strong history of work in Lane County, will lead the implementation of the grant, providing pre and post-release services using evidence-based practices.

“This grant will help us serve more medium and high-risk offenders reentering the community, providing them with the services they need to reintegrate and avoid past problems,” said Paul Solomon, executive director of Sponsors, Inc.

Services provided include case managed transitional housing, cognitive behavioral therapy, drug and alcohol treatment, sex offender treatment, mental health services, and a range of ancillary services designed to reduce future criminal activity. Potential clients will be screened using a validated risk-assessment tool, and efforts will be focused on the highest risk offenders. Such evidence-based practices have been proven to reduce recidivism and are an integral component of the grant.

This project is a collaboration between Lane County, Oregon Department of Corrections, Sponsors Inc., Emergence, Inc., and other partners on the Reentry Task Force. Lane Council of Governments will facilitate and staff the required planning phase, conduct an independent evaluation, maintain and update Sponsors’ database, and assist with preparation of reports.

The grant will enhance and improve long-standing partnerships between law enforcement and community service providers. In addition, this grant will provide new resources to help stabilize an underfunded local public safety system.