Indications of Bias against Females in White Collar Crime Sentences
Date:  10-22-2013

Females in federal white collar crime study found to receive sentences three times higher than males with similar charges
The following study is posted with permission.

Federal White Collar Crimes

Male and Female Sentences: A Comparision

Contact: Michael Clark


This document summarizes the results of a study to determine if a potential bias exists in the length of Sentences for Males and Females who are convicted for Federal White Collar crimes.

If any fundamental differences exist it will be a direct consequence of the culture of the Federal Justice system. It would not be limited to the judges, who ultimately determine the length of the sentence, but would also involve the prosecution, the probation officers, and other influencing federal officials. It may even be influenced by the defense.

The conclusions of this study must be considered as “representative.” They are not statistically projectable to the total population of sentenced white-collar criminals. That would require a larger and more disciplined selection of the individuals who comprise the database for evaluation.

With that caveat, the conclusions from this study are indicative of What would be expected if it were based upon a proper statistical sample of convicted white-collar criminals.

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