Legislator Introduces Bill to Allow Surgical Castration of Some Sex Offenders
Date:  10-17-2013

At least nine states allow chemical castration, but new bill goes deeper
According to a recent article in Opposing Views, Alabama State Representative Steve Hurst will be introducing a bill in that state's 2014 legislative session to force surgical castration upon sex offenders who are over the age of 21, and whose victims were 12 or younger. Hurst is asking that castration take place before an inmate is released from prison.

The article reports that nine states have laws regarding chemical castration of certain sex offenders, but Hurst’s bill would allow for a far more evasive (and permanent) medical procedure. Hurst previously submitted a similar bill which was rejected. The odds of this bill becoming a law are also slim, but it brings attention to what some individuals view as criminal justice.

Hurst hasn’t commented on what he would like to see done to female sex offenders who are 21 or over and commit a sexual offense against a child 12 or under.

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