Rand Paul’s Very Liberal Views on Criminal Justice Reform
Date:  10-08-2013

Some say Paul has outdone even Democrats in calling for major reform
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) touts himself as “the taxpayers’ friend,” but now an unlikely group of Americans is grateful for the budding friendship that has been developing between them and Paul.

Rand Paul has taken on the role of BFF to prisoners, as evidenced with his call to do away with mandatory minimum sentences. “Mandatory minimums are costly, unfair and do not make our country safer,” Paul stated. He added, “They have played a major role in overcrowding our prisons and have confined us to an unsustainable and irresponsible economic path. In just the last three decades, the federal prison population has soared by almost 800 percent. There is increasing bipartisan support to reverse this trend, and it will take Congress to pass legislation to accomplish that goal.”

But Paul goes further than that. In a move that rattled some of his Republican colleagues Paul called for restoring voting rights to convicted felons. And he doesn’t stop there. The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that while speaking at a meeting with community leaders in western Louisville Paul also stated that he is in favor of restoring gun ownership rights to felons. Click here to go to website.

Paul is almost certain to be a candidate for president in 2016. It is yet to be seen if his liberal stance on criminal justice reform will help him or hinder him. The New York Times, in the meantime, is asking if Paul is a prisoner’s best friend. It certainly seems so.

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