(Updated 10-5-13) Rumors Continue to Swirl Regarding Imminent Transfer of Women Prisoners at Danbury Federal Correctional Institution
Date:  10-04-2013

Danbury FCI is only federal prison for women in North East
Update: Grace Merritt of the CT Mirror provides more information on the impending transfer. Please click on the link at the end of this article to read her story.

A credible source has told Reentry Central that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is planning on removing all remaining female inmates at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Danbury, Connecticut as early as Monday October 7, 2013. Reentry Central has been unable to confirm the rumor due to the shutdown of the federal government.

Reentry Central was first to break the news nationally that the BOP was planning to reconvert the Danbury facility into a prison for men. (See Reentry Central “Females at Danbury, CT Federal Women’s Prison Told to Pack Up to Make Way for Men.” July 5, 2013). Eleven Senators responded to this news by sending a letter to BOP Director Charles E. Samuels which began, “We are concerned with the recently announced mission change of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to transfer more than a thousand female inmates from the Federal Correctional Institute in Danbury, Connecticut to a new facility in Aliceville, Alabama beginning this month. This plan will permanently convert over 1100 female beds to male, which will mean there are no longer any federal prison beds for women in the Northeast region of the United States. This transfer would dramatically disrupt the lives of these female inmates, many of whom are from the Northeast, and place them out of reach of their families and loved ones.” The letter went on to ask several pointed questions relating to the wisdom of such a move. (See Reentry Central “Federal Bureau of Prisons Suspends Transfer of Female Inmates from Connecticut to Alabama,” August 15, 2013).

Efforts to reach the Senators who wrote the letter to BOP Director Samuels have been unsuccessful. Reentry Central will stay on top of this story.

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