Public Defense Crisis Shakes Fresno County, California
Date:  10-01-2013

Fresno County public defender attorneys have decreased 34 percent since 2009 while caseloads continue to rise
The following article is posted with permission from the Sixth Amendement Center. Click here to go to website.

Why the State of California is responsible for the public defense crisis in Fresno County

by David Carroll

Pleading the Sixth: In late September 2013, more than 80% of the public defenders in Fresno County, California signed a letter protesting their working conditions, and in particular their excessive caseloads. Though some counties in California are rightfully recognized for their “best practice” approach to indigent defense services, the 6AC explores how the failure of the State of California to provide any oversight of the right to counsel services has led to a proliferation of broken systems, like Fresno County’s, throughout the state. It is long past time to put a spotlight on undue political interference in California.

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