Faith-based Reentry Program Found to Reduce Recidivism Rate in Minnesota
Date:  08-14-2013

Program saved $3 million by reducing recidivism 26 percent
The InnerChange program began in 1997 in the Texas correctional system. Created by the Prison Foundation Ministry as a faith based pre-release program, the program was originally named the InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI), and described itself as “a revolutionary, Christ centered, Bible-based prison program supporting prison inmates through their spiritual and moral transformation beginning while incarcerated and continuing after release.

After a shaky beginning InnerChange was credited with reducing the recidivism rate of program graduates, and the results caught the attention of other states. states that in Minnesota, ” InnerChange reduced re-arrest by 26 percent, re-conviction by 35 percent and re-imprisonment for a new felony offense by 40 percent,” as well as saving taxpayers $3 million. Click here to go to website

The Minnesota Department of Corrections report “An Outcome Evaluation of the InnerChange Freedom Initiative” offers some key findings:

  • Participation in InnerChange significantly decreased the risk of reoffending by 26-40 percent. The reductions in recidivism were: 26 percent for rearrest, 35 percent for reconviction, and 40 percent for new offense reincarceration.

  • Participation in InnerChange did not have a significant effect on technical violation revocations.

  • Beneficial recidivism outcomes for InnerChange are likely due to continuum of mentoring support some participants received in prison and the community.

  • InnerChange is a cost-effective program for the State of Minnesota. The program exacts no additional costs to the state. Costs are privately funded. (It) relies heavily on volunteers from the community.

  • Lowers recidivism, which includes reduced reincarceration and victimization costs.

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